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        USAWcierteInternationalImportExport(HK)FreightingGroupCo,Limited, is an international freight logistics group co., LTD., group co., LTD was established in June 28, 1988, the company in the world have good credit reputation, group company have branches in all countries in the world, business all over the world, is famous in the world.

        New York, New York is a beautiful and wealthy city with a densely populated city with more than 80 million people. New York industry developed, the traffic is convenient, is a tourist city, the United States, freight, import and export group co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful city, the headquarters has 268 members, do not include the other members of the division, New York, more than 76% of the group management department staff are master's degree or above, other researchers are bachelor degree or above, members have a clear division of responsibilities, careful management. The company has developed rapidly, and now there are more than 680 branches in the world.

        Company's business is mainly for international express and international logistics, express delivery to motor cars and aeroplanes as the main means of transport, international logistics mainly by their group company as the main means of transport, transport vehicle group company have their own transport vehicles 3680, 2360 vehicles, heavy trucks super-long large trailer more than 1000, more than 68700 shipping containers, is one of the largest international freight group of modern international logistics companies.

        June 2013,USAWcierteInternationalImportExport(HK)FreightingGroupCo,Limited, founded in Hong Kong and an international logistics shipping group company, address in Kowloon, Hong Kong community, group occupies area of thirteen thousand square meters, office area of more than six hundred square meters, large truck for more than two hundred vehicles, container more than six hundred, the office staff 236 people, the members of the total, 683 people, management doctoral degree more than 83 people, 112 master's degree in management personnel, other are bachelor degree or above

        World business lines, service and security. You and I work hand in hand with genesis and tomorrow will be brighter.

        Group purpose:The service is considerate and safe and reliable. The customer is supreme and everyone is satisfied !